Welcome to Concrete Junction

Concrete Junction is a specialist consulting and contracting company with the ability and capacity to install and
insure high quality professional applications in the Construction, Civil Engineering, Corporate and Mining Industry.
We are not a manufacturing company and therefore can offer a wider range of products to be used in the correct applications on merit.
Concrete Junction was established in January, 1994 by Leonard Scott-Turner and has 25 years of industry experience.
The company has rapidly become a leader in its specific fields, utilising the strengths of a highly performance based management team and well trained staff. We are dedicated to continuously source new technology and quality within the industries mentioned above and utilise it to its fullest potential. We design and specify all aspects concerned with the waterproofing of any structure.

Skills Development

Concrete Junction, through its Employee Development initiatives, is committed to the development of the organisation as a whole. This is achieved through the ongoing education, training and development of all its employees in line with the strategic objectives of the Company and the personal needs of its employees. In doing so, the Company believes in:

The fundamental objective of Concrete Junction Company’s training and development initiatives is thus to provide a career development programme for employees that would be in line with the individual needs of the employee, as well as with the organisational demands of the Company.
During the process, every individual’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as his / her ability to participate in such a career development programme,
is taken into account.
Concrete Junction has an ongoing training system in place and is endeavouring to uplift the previously disadvantaged
community and have successfully placed seven individuals into senior site management positions.

Contracts are carried out across the whole of Southern Africa.